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Saturday, February 13, 2016          
Tenders Commission Head















Tenders Commission Head



Tenders Commission

All the transactions which are categorized as major ones are required to get the related permissions from the "Tenders' Commission". These transactions include construction of oil depots; design, construction and installation of oil products' storage tanks; construction of office buildings; construction of plants related to the company operations such as aviation refueling; oil depots' operation affairs; state-owned gas stations; bunkering operation; all service and office affairs such as secretariat and office equipment which are referred to them by the company headquarters and the 37 zones all over the country; and domestic and foreign purchases. Holding several meeting in line with securing the company interests, the commission makes proper decisions.

In addition to the aforesaid responsibilities, the commission is in charge of some other responsibilities as follows:

-          Checking all the received documents in relation with the company transaction activities; providing the concerned parties with recommendations; and determining manner of transactions.

-          Opening envelopes and checking the financial proposals of the bidders and determining the winners of the tenders and bids; and making decisions regarding the fulfilled tender or bid.

-          Offering recommendations and consultation in relation with the points posed by the company authorities and/or those involved in performing tasks.

-          Checking and approving the conditions and characteristics of the draft contracts which are referred to the commission by various offices and/or departments

-          Making decision concerning bids/tenders re-bidding or cancellation.

Keeping a comprehensive list of resources which have had transactions with the company; and those resources whose capabilities and qualifications have been checked and approved for the future transactions.

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